Y&7: Digital. Data. Engagement.

Y&7 is our in-house digital team focussing on unpaid carers and families, working with carer charities, NHS, local authorities and digital / marketing agencies.

Gathering insights, detail and getting into the heart of: why, behaviour, health and trends is where we excel.  Our focus on this understanding enables us to identify insightful nuggets and create key touchpoints that resonate with people.  By resonating, we connect and create engagement.

Some of the work we’re involved with includes:

  • Carer support services (sub-contracted)
  • Identifying hidden and hard to reach unpaid carers
  • Focus group research of young and adult carers
  • Live Chat support
  • Research into health trends of unpaid carers and the person they care for across different cultures and geographical locations
  • Digital strategy & implementation
  • Social media posts and management
  • Website and micro-site development
  • Paid & organic advertising
  • Copywriting & content creation

Ultimately the specifics of what we do and how we help, starts with what you’re looking to achieve, overcome and or understand.  We then tailor everything to each individual piece of work.

If it involves data, digital and or engagement where people’s health is impacted, we are enthusiasts for it. 

To talk through a new project, campaign or how we help deliver contracted carer support services please enter details in the form below and we’ll come back to you:

    The research and insight work, creating persona profiles, has been really impactful for us reaching hidden and hard to reach carers with digital & social media

    Sadie Clarke – Devon Carers

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