It’s so, so important. We cannot stipulate enough how important. We shall very much be a force in delivering, measuring and community the impact of our work with carers and also those organisations whom we are partnering with.

We cannot just do, for the sake of doing. We, that’s the royal we, must do and communicate the positive impact we’re having on people’s lives, the use of NHS and public sector expenditure of our money, as taxpayers.

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Communicating and informing people, whether in their capacity as an NHS Clinical Commissioning Group Service Design Manager, local Government authority Contract Services Manager, Employer, GPs, Health Professional, the public and of course, carers is essential if we are to achieve behavioural change in the support of carers.

Behavioural change will come through communicating our and partners social impact. Yes the Government has made strides towards recognising the importance of social impact when planning and contracting services, through the Social Value Act, but it isn’t enough. Money is still the determining factor.

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Yet, by understanding the value on the bottom line of an NHS budget, for example, through contracting services where social value is given high importance, means Money can still be the determining factor because social impact evidences savings on expenditure of the public finances by improving and managing the deterioration of people’s health.

Sadly, this isn’t understood sufficiently by those who need to. It is our duty to educate and inform accordingly, which creates the behavioural change for evolving this lack of understanding. We do not see this as direct fault of others who need to know, as they can only understand it if social impact is being correctly measured and communicated to them.

This is incumbent on social business, enterprises, charities and community groups to lead on.

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FamilyCarersNet shall do its part to proactively drive this forward, for the benefit of carers and generally within the third sector.  We should all be working together more so and need to, for behavioural change to take effect and social impact be given the priority it deserves for the good and benefit of people’s lives.