Quick Food

  1. Peach and pear crumble

    Peach and pear crumble

    Using tinned peaches and pears from the supermarket, with a quick topping base (it works!) you can make a crumble in no time!!

  2. Sausage and broccoli pasta

    Sausage and broccoli pasta

    An amazing pasta dish using sausage meat and broccoli. Really easy for carers.

  3. Sausage rolls

    Sausage rolls

    Sausage rolls can be eaten hot or cold and make for a great lunch. Who doesn't like a sausage roll?

  4. Sausage, bacon and cheese slice

    Sausage, bacon and cheese slice

    Makes for a tasty lunch. We've tried this one at home, one to get the kids making with you!

  5. Toad in the hole

  6. Welsh Rarebit

  7. Flapjacks

  8. Flourless peanut butter cookies

  9. Gluten free banana bread

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