Hours: Full Time
Remuneration: £25,000 – £30,000pa, Pension, Holidays and Benefits
Locations: Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Plus travel as required.

Our Search

We’re looking for someone who has a really strong customer service ethic, where providing high level and quality support and information to people is something they take absolute pride in.

This experience can come from any sector, it need not be this one.  We value and appreciate the benefits of all experiences.  What is key for us in this role, is the person.

If you have the right focus on delivering excellence to customers who make contact via telephone or through digital and social media channels, this will be a role you’ll thrive in.

Role Responsibilities

This role has the core objective of driving the vision for consistently high standards in the Customer Service Team.  You will be managing and leading the ‘front door’ of a team supporting unpaid family carers, in a refreshed service for Norfolk:

Carers Matter Norfolk.

You will have the autonomy and responsibility for leading our Carer Support/Customer Services Team providing support Weekdays 9am to 8pm, Weekends 10am – 2pm, via phone, digital and social media.

Your role will include:

  • Leadership, operational management and service delivery
  • Monitor service case management system, allocating incoming referrals to the team.
  • Undertake regular review of the customer service team performance, as a whole and individually.  Constantly working to maintain excellence.
  • Creating a positive and happy team environment, through formal and informal team management.
  • Liaise with external partners and stakeholders, such as Norfolk County Council or NHS Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Groups.
  • Providing monthly reporting, internally and externally
  • Ensure the team are delivering against KPIs.
  • Full service knowledge and engagement with Carer Connector Team
  • Creating high level knowledge, understanding and full access to supporting information and materials, e.g., AdviserNet, UK Advice Finder.
  • Developing a team member to take a lead role in your absence; whether for hours you are not working or if on Leave.
  • Delivery against ISO Standards, Best Practice and wider Governance

Whilst an in-house based role, as part of the Senior Management Team you will be informing and influencing referrals and pathways of enquiries coming into the service.  Working with the Community Engagement Manager and Marketing Manager to keep them updated of KPIs and where targeted promotion is required.

This a fantastic opportunity for you to show your credentials and ability to deliver truly amazing customer service for a highly regarded and respected team within the sector.

Experience and Expertise

You may not have experience across every customer service and carer support channel, but you will understand and value the importance of high level customer service.

There’ll be ongoing training and development so you can become an absolutely fantastic leader, role model and superstar within our social business and this.

Confidence, passion, drive, commitment, good communication and people skills will of course be needed.


FamilyCarersNet is innovative and unique in our sector and we are constantly pushing boundaries and driving things forward.  We believe everything is possible and always want to improve on the now.

Our culture is one where people are relaxed, enjoy themselves, have the opportunity to exceed and excel, are challenged, encouraged to break boundaries, identify the new and be part of a team delivering damn good work.  We’re very passionate about what we do.  Our commitment and drive is unerring.

We don’t ask people to conform to a strict or specific way.  We are all different, individual and unique.  We like this and want people to stay like it.  It’s what makes us who we are.  But being polite, respectful, well mannered and professional is the conduct we ask and expect of everyone.

For You

If you’re ready for something new, different and to push boundaries, where you can take ownership and responsibility for leading the Customer Service Teams whose cause is about helping people, in particular family carers, then it’s likely this role and our culture is a fit for you. 

We want like-minded people to be part of, contribute to and rewarded for their involvement in the success of FamilyCarersNet and Carers Matter Norfolk.  If you’re now thinking about you in this role and what you could do, then it’s likely you could be a good fit.

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