2.3 million carers have left employment for caring duties. Unfortunately employers are so often unaware of the reasons, yet would help these carers if they knew. There are 1 in 9 people at work who are in a caring role, yes that’s 1 in 9 people – how many people in your workplace or your partners are carers. This figure is rather alarming.

Even more alarming is the lack of awareness about these carers in employment. We must stipulate that this isn’t because an employer isn’t doing their duty and being supportive of carers. It just hasn’t been something in the workplace that we give natural thought to.

We want this to change and are driving forward a long-term campaign, with a number of initiatives, to work with employers in their support for employees who are carers.

For an employer, HR personnel or Director/Manager who controls the recruitment budget, there is a cost for each person leaving employment. Independent research by Oxford Economics estimated this to be approximately £30,000, noting it takes up to 8 months before a person is operating at optimum level. The Corporate Leadership Council estimate the cost to be equal to their salary, whereas the Hay Group suggest is can be up to 150% of their salary.

We want to help employers with this so they can help carers can stay in employment (it is estimated that a carer is £10,000 – £20,000 worse off per year if they leave their employment).

For each employer that agrees to sign up an employee with FamilyCarersNet for £3 pcm, in return we will:

  • Visit the workplace and provide a drop-in session for staff
  • Co-develop an Employee Carer Support Plan with your HR personnel
  • Organise a dedicated carer focussed away day / activity, that can incorporate non-carer employees

This is in addition to the everyday support available at a member of FamilyCarersNet. If you’d like to discuss this in further detail or find out more, please contact us.