Can you take pets on holiday?

Of course, going abroad makes the decision about whether you can take your pets on holiday somewhat simpler.  Either because you don’t wish to stress your pet (more often your dog) out, the travel company do not permit it or where you’re going does not allow pets. 

Whatever the reason, it’s a question to answer.  And knowing who does permit pets and who doesn’t can be a challenge to find out.  So, we’ve created an overview for you – which is of course correct at the time of writing and finishing this article, we’ll keep checking and updating though!

With the Covid Holiday restrictions, pet friendly holidays in the UK is highly topical, especially as pets are fantastic for families of unpaid carers. But, in the UK there are wonderful places to visit and so many do because of the pet travel restrictions. 

At the time of writing this article, it is all quite pertinent in searching for a family holiday.  Children, pets, who ‘house sits’ or pops in and how good are the neighbours at this?!  But of course, the kids miss them. 

Only reminded last night with my eldest son (who has autism) commenting how he likes to sit down a certain way and have his dog (Rosie) nestle her head in the crook of his leg/knee.  What happens if we don’t take the dog?

One of the higher interests on holidays and pets is around the Sun £9.50 Holidays or Club 950 as quite often referred to.  For these holidays, which are popular, their Terms state that you CAN take a dog providing the respect park permits and that there is a maximum of 2 dogs permitted in dog-friendly homes at those parks.

Time for to consider dog friendly cottages like Dog Friendly Cottages (think they’ve picked quite a good name there…) or Sykes Holiday Cottages and well, there are many you can come across.  Through camping and glamping with pets it’s worth checking out: Canopy & Stars, Glampsites, Glampingly and Experience Freedom.  

Someone in our family likes a shower in the morning and some home-styled comforts, the tenting side of things is lower the pecking order at the moment.

And let’s not forget all pets: Cats, Hamsters, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs and for some families there are reptiles such as lizards or chameleons.  I can’t deny one family we know do have Alpacas.  I’m not actually sure what the requirements are for looking after them when on holiday, another thing to consider and write about!

There is an ordinate amount of information and experiences people have when wanting to take their pets on holiday.  I’ll be posting mine on the pod – We’d love to share and feature your experience on FamilyCarersNet. 

The more we share with others, the better experience we’ll all have when holidaying and reducing the holiday stress!!! 😉

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