Published by Alison Cram

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Finally, nearly five months after lockdown started, I got round to making myself a re-usable facemask.

It was partly a matter of practicality and finance. Whilst disposable masks are arguably the most hygienic and safe option, I haven’t found it easy to get hold of them and when I have, they’ve proved quite costly.

But I was also getting a little worried about the environmental impact. I try to avoid things like single use plastic bottles, so shouldn’t I try to avoid single use masks as well?

There’s no doubt that we generate quite a bit of waste in our household. Between incontinence pads, disposable gloves, catheter bags and various wipes, our dustbin can fill up amazingly quickly. You could say that adding in a few masks wouldn’t make a lot of difference, but every little helps (as a large retail conglomerate likes to say).

So I looked out some material and an old bit of elastic and found myself a YouTube video (there are plenty available but this is the one I used I had some cotton left over from a craft project but you could easily use an old cotton t-shirt or similar material that isn’t too thick (masks should be double thickness).

You don’t need to be an accomplished at sewing to make one – it doesn’t need to look beautiful; it just needs to do the job. Mine actually fits better and feels more comfortable than the disposable ones.

So if you have a spare bit of material and can find a few minutes each day, it won’t take long to make one – then you need never run out of masks and can save a few pennies too.

I’m off to make a second one so I can have one ready and one in the wash. If you make one, why not share a photo in The Pod?