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19th June 2020

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As well as being an excellent way for family carers to to pass the time with loved ones, board games are great for stimulating cognitive function. This makes them ideal for playing during lockdown. There’s a great choice of board games out there to choose from. Ranging from classics like Monopoly to more contemporary – and more apt – games like Pandemic, there’s more than enough to keep you, and your loved ones, busy.


The ultimate family board game, Monopoly can easily go on for hours and hours. You can play with as few as two players or get the whole household involved and play with up to eight. As there aren’t any timers to worry about, Monopoly can be a fairly relaxing game to play – as long as your family aren’t too competitive, that is. And while you should always follow the rules as far as possible, as @ShortList says, in Monopoly “Cheating is more or less obligatory – it’s a game about capitalism, after all, so if anything you’re being more authentic by taking that cash when nobody’s looking.”


The perfect game to play on a wet, stormy night, Cluedo sees players compete to discover who killed murder victim Dr Black. First developed in the 1940s, the game is set in a spooky manor house and features a cast of suspicious characters with a wealth of potential murder weapons. The game can be played by two to six players, making it perfect for couples as well as larger groups.


Like Monopoly, a game of Scrabble can go on for hours or even days. Some players keep track of their rolling Scrabble scores over years in an attempt to decide who the ultimate player is. If you care for someone who struggles to remember words and spellings, you could play in teams or limit words to a certain number of letters to make it a little easier. Playing Scrabble on a regular basis is a great way to boost brain function, so there’s no need to put the board away when lockdown is over.


If you haven’t had enough of COVID-19 yet, or if you just want to see if you can beat the virus, Pandemic is the perfect game to while away the hours. The game can be played by up to four people and sees players race around the world to kill the virus and find a cure.


If you’re looking for an easy, straightforward game to play with a loved one, UNO is a great choice. The printed cards are brightly coloured and the game is easy to follow. This makes it suitable for those with poor eyesight as well as people suffering from dementia.

Get more ideas for things that family carers can do during lockdown, and find out about the help and support that’s available to carers at this difficult time, by exploring The Pod or getting in touch with a member of our team.