Wearing mask

Making Your Own Mask

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Second childhood

What activities recall your childhood? Freewheeling downhill on your bicycle, perhaps, with your… Read More

Gardening therapy – episode 6

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Crafting for dementia

My Dad has vascular dementia and about a year ago I began to notice that on days when his anxiet… Read More

Gardening therapy – episode 5

As a family carer, you may not get time, or have the space, to keep an allotment, a veg’ plot or… Read More

Gardening therapy – episode 2

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Board Games - Lockdown

Are board games the answer to lockdown boredom?

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Gardening Therapy

Gardening therapy – beware, here be dragons

Episode 1   Gardening wasn’t a feature of my life when I was younger – I ha… Read More

To do List

A new to-do list!

Several weeks ago, just as lockdown was beginning, I ended up spending a day in Accident & E… Read More

Virtual Cuppa - unpaid family carers

From podcasts to virtual cuppas

Caring for a loved one can be incredibly rewarding. However, as all carers will know, it can be … Read More

Knitting for unpaid carers

Knitting saved my life!

I’ve been a knitter for almost as long as I can remember. I can only have been about four o… Read More

Sensory Needs of Children

Tools for embedding SENCO sensory strategies at home

Following my post on supporting children with sensory processing disorders (such as ADHD, autism… Read More