By Nicki Hayes

24th July 2020

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Many charities are lobbying the UK Government to urgently increase the financial support available to unpaid carers during the coronavirus crisis and beyond. So far, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland*, there seems to be no extra governmental support coming our way. Where can we turn to for help to make our money go further?

Almost 100 representatives from UK charities representing unpaid family carers signed an open letter to the Government regarding the level of Carer’s Allowance at the beginning of July. The letter, co-ordinated by Carers UK, through its #FairerForCarers campaign, summarises just how coronavirus is impacting unpaid carers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

With at least 1.2 million unpaid family carers now living in poverty, FamilyCarersNet is rounding-up of schemes available now to help you make your £67.25 per week Carer’s Allowance go further. Know of any more? Get in touch.

Carers cards giving discounts to unpaid family carers

Some organisations that have put together schemes to help carers get deals and discounts on everyday items. Popular schemes include Discount for Carers and Carersmart.

Discount for Carers 

Discounts For Carers is a dedicated discount service offering carers, paid or unpaid, money saving deals and vouchers for a wide range of shops, holidays and utilities. 

Sign up for free to get the latest deals from over 300 big name brands in travel, retail, insurance, finance, technology, mobile phone and utility providers emailed to your inbox. With cashback from over 50 leading retailers too, it’s worth exploring.

CarerSmart  is a scheme put together by Carers Trust. It offers carers cash back, reductions, discounts and benefits on insurance, travel and high street shops (amongst others). 

Joining is easy and free. Then, once you’re a member, you can benefit from a wide range of offers including:

  • Cash back on shopping from numerous high street retailers
  • Best rates from energy providers
  • Reductions on insurance renewals
  • Discounts on holidays and travel arrangements
  • Reduced price lifestyle activities
  • Free legal advice services

Supermarkets offering cash back to unpaid family carers

Most major supermarkets will give carers cash back when they shop with a recognised carers card.

Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, M&S and Asda give between 2.5% and 5% cash back to carers. Additionally, ASDA and Morrisons offer deals on delivery of online groceries.

Technology providers offering discount to unpaid family carers

Dell and Apple offer carers a whopping 10% off a range of products. You can get up to 50% off selected items at Laptops Direct too. You’ll also find eBay offers a variety of tech deals aimed exclusively at carers.

Know of any other schemes or organisations offering support or discounts to unpaid family carers? Get in touch. Better still, get shouting about it in The Pod so that other carers can benefit too!

*The Scottish Government made a package worth £19.2 million available to support their nation’s unpaid carers back in May. Those eligible, of which there are 83,000, were able to claim a £230 one-off emergency boost to help them through the pandemic.