By Alison Cram

23rd July 2020

Categorised in Good To Know

Just this week I learnt that the UK Government is proposing “to give carers the right to take one week of unpaid leave per year, to provide care for a family member or other dependant who has a longer-term or otherwise significant care need.”

This would apply to England, Wales and Scotland but not in Northern Ireland.

It would be in addition to existing employment rights that carers already have – the right to time off for dependents, unpaid parental leave, statutory annual leave and flexible working provisions.

Read the Government’s consultation paper here:

At this stage the Government is seeking views from individual carers, carer organisations and employers about the proposal. Their consultation survey seeks opinions about a number of key issues such as: who should be eligible; how should they apply; how flexible should it be and how much notice should be required.

Juggling work and care can be really hard so it’s important that any measures to support carers – however small – are properly thought through and relevant to the real-life situations carers face.

That means it’s vital that these discussions include our first-hand experience as carers. So, if you have some spare time, please make your views known.

You can submit your comments by email or online. It is possible to do it by post but the closing date for comments is 11.45pm on Monday 3rd August. 

To respond, visit the consultation page at: