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Dundee Carers Centre are really thinking out of the box for Carers Week this year. With COVID-19 restrictions limiting in-person events, DCC have taken this time to reflect on some of the incredible work they’ve been doing and what they hope to achieve in the future.

Under the Carers Week Section of their website, they’ve gathered together a wealth of valuable resources and insightful information. Here, they’ve provided a detailed outline of the locality work they’ve been doing, and what that looks like in each individual area. This information includes the community work they’ve been doing, the one to one support they offer and where they’re providing it, the schools and partnerships they’re working with, the number of unpaid carers DCC has helped in each area, the names of various support groups and organisations, as well as the goals and priorities they have for each specific community moving forward. The statistical break-down of the number of unpaid carers in each area really shines a light on the enormous amount of people taking on a caring role – a figure higher than anyone would imagine – which is why it’s so important to ‘Make Caring Visible’ this Carer’s Week.

DCC have used this space to introduce the locality workers serving each area, as well as include video messages from staff members belonging to a variety of services DCC works with. Among those are Alzheimer’s ScotlandAction for ChildrenCommunity Empowerment Team and Dundee International Women’s Centre, as well as the schools they support. Each video explains the type of work each organisation carries out and how they can support unpaid carers. In addition, there are a number of interviews and stories from unpaid carers themselves, both young and old, where they reflect on their lives and experiences as carers.

This really is an absolute gold mine of information that every carer is sure to get something out of!

DCC have also been working with the Keep Well Team to offer free health checks to unpaid carers aged 18 and over. As Keep Well Team nurse Wendy Reid explains, taking on a caring role can have an impact on a person’s wellbeing, and it’s not always easy for a carer to focus on their own health and needs. Watch Wendy’s message here for more information on the Keep Well health check and how they’re operating during lockdown.  

Be sure to check out Dundee Carers Centre’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages for updates on their work and ways you can join in. Every Thursday they host a virtual quiz over on their Instagram live feed and are dedicating the theme this week to all things #CarersWeek. This is a brilliant way to get involved, test your knowledge and connect with others in the caring community!

DCC also host a weekly episode every Wednesday at 10am over on their Virtual Hub which involves a Q&A between Dundee Carer’s Centre and guest organisations. These are hugely insightful videos often filled with invaluable information for members of the unpaid carer community. In honour of Carer’s Week, they hosted a special Q&A with guests Joe Fitzpatrick (Minister for Public Health), Peggy Winford (Scottish Government Carers Policy Team), Clare Martin (Community Worker for St Mary’s) and Thomas Fleming, who is a Young Carer Ambassador. All episodes are broadcast live but if you miss any, not to worry – you can catch up with all of them here.

For those who aren’t on social media but want to stay up to date with caring community news, Carers of Dundee have produced a beautiful E-Book in honour of Carer’s Week which is absolutely loaded with news and resources for unpaid carers. Whether you’re flicking through the newsletter or tuning in on Facebook, DCC have made an incredible amount of support and information available to carers this Carers Week. For any further queries you may have, they can be reached at 01382 200422 or