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03rd July 2020

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Across the UK, millions of people care for friends, family and loved ones. These unsung heroes help to take the pressure off of the NHS, provide essential support and ensure Britain’s most vulnerable are well looked after. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, many carers have been working harder than ever before. A lot of the support services they rely on are temporarily unavailable. As a result, carers everywhere have had to take on even more responsibility and even more work.

In order to help support our hard working carers, and give them a little of the TLC they deserve, a number of brands and organisations have created special carer discounts. As well as being a welcome gesture, these discounts are helping to take the financial pressure off carers at this crucial time.

Carers on the frontline

The coronavirus pandemic has proved what many of us already knew: carers provide an invaluable and essential service to millions across the UK. As @MoneySavingExp says, “While everyone in the country’s doing their bit, it’s our NHS staff, emergency services and healthcare workers who are on the front line dealing with the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.”

Many carer discounts are available to unpaid carers

A lot of these discounts, while designed for NHS staff, are also available to carers. In order to qualify for them, you may need to prove your status. There are a number of different schemes out there that give carers cards and identification that entitles them to discounts. Joining one of these schemes should give you access to the freebies you deserve.

Cash back at supermarkets

Most of the major supermarkets will give carers cash back when they shop with a recognised carers card. Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, M&S and ASDA give between 2.5% and 5% cash back to carers. ASDA and Morrisons also offer deals on delivery of online groceries, something that could be especially useful during lockdown.


Tablets and computers make it easier to stay in touch and feel more connected to friends and family. If you need a new device, check out the deals available to carers before you buy. Dell and Apple offer carers a whopping 10% off a range of products, while Laptops Direct offer up to 50% off selected items. You’ll also find eBay offer a variety of tech deals aimed exclusively at carers.

Food and drink

A carers card will also entitle you to cash back and discounts from a range of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. Pizza Express, Bella Italia, Café Nero and Café Rouge all offer 7% cash back. Papa John’s offers 30% off when you spend over £30 and Pizza Hut will give carers an amazing 50% off selected products.

These discounts and perks should help to make life under lockdown that little bit easier.

Why not get in touch with your favourite brands to find out what special deals they’re currently offering carers? Let us know if you find any!