By Kate Jaggers

03rd December 2020

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We all know how stressful organising Christmas celebrations can be. Don’t worry, we are here to help with our simple life hacks. Our quick and easy hacks can help speed everything up so you can dive into the fun part – celebrating.

Have you got a genius life hack? We would love to hear yours – send us a message.

Christmas Life Hack 1 – Doritos as wrapping paper

Christmas Life Hack 2 – Grapes as ice cubes

Christmas Life Hack 3 – Making mince fit in the freezer

Christmas Life Hack 4 – Toilet roll holder for a centrepiece

Christmas Life Hack 5 – Lemonade to keep your tree fresh

Christmas Life Hack 6 – Straighteners to seal your popcorn

Christmas Life Hack 7 – Use toast to absorb onion vapour

Do you cry when cutting onions? It’s okay to admit it…🧅
Try holding toast in your mouth. The toast absorbs the onion vapour so there are no tears 🍞

Christmas Life Hack 8 – Microwave 2 bowls at once

Want to fit 2 bowls in the microwave at once? Place a mug upside down in the microwave – you now have a second shelf. You can place one bowl on the microwave plate and the second bowl on top of the mug – genius 💡

Christmas Life Hack 9 – Homemade apple juice

Fancy a glass of homemade apple juice? 🍎 Grab your favourite apple and pop it in the freezer. When you’re ready for a glass of delicious apple juice, defrost your apple. Your apple will be soft and feel watery inside. Here’s the fun part, give your apple a squeeze and as if by magic, you have apple juice!

Christmas Life Hack 10 – Crunch test your wrapping paper

Did you know that most wrapping paper is actually non-recyclable? 🎁 Try the ‘scrunch test’ and if the wrapping paper stays scrunched together, you can probably recycle it! ♻️ We love wrapping our presents in brown paper – it’s environmentally friendly and looks rustic!

Christmas Life Hack 11 – Keeping your leafy greens fresh

Want to keep your greens fresher for longer over xmas? Keep your spinach or lettuce in a plastic container and add a piece of kitchen towel in 🧻 The excess moisture will be absorbed and your greens will last a whole lot longer 👍

Christmas Life Hack 12 – One travel adaptor for multiple plugs

Are you dreaming of your next holiday? We are… 🏖 This hack will be perfect for those holiday lovers out there. Instead of taking multiple travel adaptors with you, try taking one adaptor and an extension lead. This way you have multiple plugs – genius 🔌

Christmas Life Hack 13 – 2 trays for the price of 1

Finding it hard to fit your turkey and roast potatoes in the oven at the same time? Or is having lots of baking trays taking up too much space? 🦃 Our hack is here to solve your problems. Take your baking tray and some tin foil to make a divider. This way you can cook 2 items at once without needing 2 trays – genius 💡

Christmas Life Hack 14 – Untangle your Christmas lights

Do you find yourself in a pickle every year untangling your #xmas lights? 👎Our hack is here to help! When it’s time to take your lights down, wrap your lights around a piece of cardboard 💡

Christmas Life Hack 15 – Egg carton bauble organiser

Our hack will help you get organised for next year 🎅 When it’s time to take your Christmas tree down, grab an empty egg carton 🥚 Use your egg carton to neatly hold your baubles – genius 🤩

Christmas life hack 16 – The perfect cupcake

We’re here to tell you how to eat a cupcake correctly 🧁Cut off the bottom part of the cupcake and place it on top of the icing. You now have the perfect cupcake sandwich with the delicious icing in the middle – yummy! 😋

Christmas life hack 17 – Neat wrapping paper

Are you fed up with wrapping paper going everywhere? Our tree-mendous life hack is here to help 🎄Use an empty kitchen roll to stop your wrapping paper from becoming loose 🎁