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The good people over at Gaddum aren’t letting the lockdown stop them from celebrating Carers’ Week. This year, they’ve gone virtual, arranging a number of events online, spreading the word on their valuable services in Manchester and Salford and sharing the stories of those at the centre of it all – the carers!

Throughout the week, Gaddum lined up daily virtual workshops with the help of Manchester Carers Network, which offered invaluable practical advice for carers.  It was clear that carer wellbeing was at the heart of these workshops; with advice on meditation, relaxation and nutrition, managing stress and anxiety as well as tips on how to safely move and handle those being cared for. Carers Week may be over for now, but keep your eye on Gaddum’s events page for workshops you can get involved with in future.

One of the best way to honour Carers Week and remind us what it’s all about is by listening to those who are actually living the experience, which is why Gaddum has dedicated this week to passing the mic over to the unpaid carers themselves and used their platforms, such as FacebookTwitter and Instagram, to share their voices and let the world know what life looks like when you’re caring for someone else. 

Gaddum hopes that by sharing these stories, it will help current carers to feel more seen and heard, as well as encourage people who may not have known they were a carer to get in touch.

Gaddum is committed to sharing carer stories in other areas of its work, most notably in the Who Cares Campaign they run alongside The Lowry and Lung. The Who Cares Campaign is a brilliant initiative dedicated to supporting and improving services for young carers. In their own words: ‘Who Cares tells the stories of young carers using their own words and own experiences. The play toured around schools, community spaces and theatres, and the aim of using the stories to identify hidden young carers’.

Their work also involves signposting the support and services available to young carers, as well as providing resources to professionals who work with young carers on a daily basis by offering CPD training and workshops.

It’s clear that Gaddum has a true passion for empowering and supporting members of the unpaid carer community, and will continue to #MakeCaringVisible long after Carers Week is over. If you live in the Manchester or Salford area and feel you could benefit from speaking to them, they can be reached via email at or by calling 0161 834 6069.