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30th June 2020

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This week, The Guardian gave a voice to unpaid carer Shereen, who eloquently voices how unpaid carers in the UK, isolated even before lockdown, are now invisible.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, media covered the news that the Scottish Government had announced a package worth £19.2 million to support their nation’s unpaid carers, about which more from our correspondent in Scotland, Alison Crabb, soon. Those eligible, of which there are 83,000, can claim a £230 one-off emergency boost to help them through the pandemic. OK, so £230 might not go far in terms of covering costs – but it is a gesture that goes a long way in terms of signalling positive recognition.

There are more unpaid carers in the UK than there are people employed by the army or the NHS – approximately 6.5 million of us, propping up the NHS and serving our community. Who’s with Shereen in wanting as much recognition for us as for other frontline workers? And what would you like this recognition to look like? Get on The Pod and share your ideas. And if you’re on Twitter, get following @ShereenAitch.

And Shereen – thanks for using your voice on behalf of unpaid carers everywhere. FamilyCarersNet salutes you!