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UCAS have shared an article this week detailing everything you need to know about Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs).  DSAs is available to students who have an impairment, mental health condition or learning difficulty, and will help to cover any of the study-related costs incurred by any of these conditions.

The allowance is given on top of any other student finance, and isn’t dependent on the students income or that of their parents/partner. Rather, the amount is calculated based on each individuals specific needs, which will be determined via the assessment that’s arranged once the DSAs application is received. Student Finance England will also provide instructions for ordering any necessary specialist equipment or arranging any other support.

UCAS notes that there are some restrictions on what DSAs can be used for, and there are regional differences around the UK, so be sure to read through all the information carefully before putting in an application.

For a full DSAs guide, as well as an informative video put together by Student Finance England, click here.