By Kate Jaggers

10th December 2020

Categorised in Conditions & Illnesses

Memory loss and forgetfulness can be a sudden occurrence in many people’s lives. For others, it happens gradually over time. It is normal for people to become a bit forgetful as they age.

Dementia is often the first thought when people become forgetful, but it shouldn’t be. There are many different reasons for changes in memory.

Environmental, physical, genetic and psychological factors such as anxiety, stress and depression can all effect memory. Lack of sleep can also have an impact on these conditions and memory loss itself. Injuries to the brain can also affect memory, such as a stroke.

Less common causes of memory loss can include medication side effects, vitamin deficiencies, alcohol misuse and medical conditions.

Whatever the cause may be, it is important to get assessed by a medical professional. Should you or someone you know be experiencing any of these issues, contact your GP. Any changes to memory can be very worrying and distressing for the individual and the people closest to them.

Dementia Together is a wonderful charity that supports individuals living in and around Suffolk, who have memory worries, are living with dementia, caring for someone who has dementia and health professionals. This content was created in partnership with Dementia Together – visit their website for a wealth of advice and information.