About Us

For us, the focus is on creating a place online where no matter you are in the UK or what time of day it is, you can either get information, advice and support or find where to get it near you.

The vast majority of that information comes from external people, charities, organisations, community groups and businesses, all keen and wanting to help.  It’s really easy to submit content, articles and information to us.

Having a well-known central starting place for unpaid carers, their families and professionals really helps make life easier for everyone.  If we all work together, surely that’s a good thing.

Our Aim

We strive for a society that understands and acknowledges what constitutes being an unpaid family carer. That the unpaid carer(s) feels supported and treated equally, irrespective of difference or life circumstances.

Virtues & Values: How we act

  • Be Open for building relationships
  • Be Inspirational for leading and enthusing others
  • Be Passionate for caring about people
  • Be Ambitious for success
  • Be Conscientious for delivering positive impact

As a social enterprise, we work in partnerships with Carer Charities to provide digital support and guidance so they can increase the channels and number of carers they engage with.  This is through our in-house team Y&7, focussing on: Digital. Data. Engagement.

Our work also includes a partnership with the NHS and their focus on Population Health Management, where they aim to …improve physical and mental health outcomes, promote wellbeing and reduce health inequalities across an entire population.

Along the way, we’ve won 2 awards: Small Business Award 2018 and Social Enterprise Mark CIC ‘Making A Mark’ winners 2019.  We’re of course chuffed about this and as we continue to work though Covid, like many others supporting unpaid carers, it’ll be nice to continue receiving sector recognition for what we’re doing and increasing the network.

As a social enterprise, we believe it’s important to work alongside sector organisations who are here to support and represent us. We have Barnardos Young Carers as our Asset Lock, report and are assessed each year by Social Enterprise Mark, are members of Social Enterprise UK and Affiliate Members of CarersUK. There are standards we must adhere to and with our digital focus, such as Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance. We trust, this gives confidence and reassurance in FamilyCarersNet as a structured, well organised and collaborative social enterprise.

Spinning out of our FamilyCarersNet work is the pod™ for unpaid carers and families, the 1st social media app for unpaid carers.  You can visit the website or download the app on the App Store or Google Play to find out more. 

If you’d like to chat with us on anything about FamilyCarersNet or digital support for unpaid carers, we’re always open to ideas and partnership opportunities.

Social Enterprise Mark CIC

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