Age UK Launches petition over TV licence


Age UK Launches Petition over TV Licence

When the BBC announced that they were considering scrapping free TV Licence for over 75 year olds, Age UK decided to fight back. They launched a petition, which at the time of writing has already garnered 37,277 signatures. Their aim is to reach 50,000.

As Age UK clearly states there are many over 75 year olds who are living with a disability or old age makes it harder for them to get out and socialize. For these people their television can be their biggest source of company. It gives them a window into the outside world, gives them a structure for their day and a diversion from their situation, however momentary that diversion might be. On top of this nearly a third (according to Age UK) of over 75 year olds are facing poverty and would simply not be able to cope with the full cost of a TV Licence every year.

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