RNIB Bookshare


RNIB Bookshare

The Royal National Institute of Blind People has an amazing bookshare resource. The describe themselves as being the link between a publisher of a main stream title and educators wanting to get hold of said title in a different format whether that be Braille, electronic form etc. RNIB Bookshare work and liaise with both parties with positive results. Mary Ellen Flynn, a teacher at Priestly Smith Specialist School talks on the website about the ease of using their services and how she was able to find texts in the relevant formats for a variety of pupils with different tastes and needs.

The bookshare service is completely free to educational establishments in the UK provided that the people accessing it qualify for the scheme.

To qualify, you or the person you are educating will have one of the following:

A visual impairment
A learning disability (e.g. ASD, ADD, Dyslexia)
A physical disability that is significantly affected by their use of print materials.

The RNIB Bookshare enables people to:

Read with digital Braille or enlarged fonts
Listen to books with high quality text-to speech voices
Hear and see highlighted words on screen
Create physical Braille or large print
And more!

The RNIB Bookshare is a nationwide facility and has a bank of 30,000 books, which can be accessed in the formats listed above. As well as teachers being able to use the bookshare the idea is that it can also empower learners to read alone using the free reading tools provided.

To find out more visit: https://www.rnibbookshare.org/cms/


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