Lottery winners throw Christmas party for Young Carers


Lottery winners throw Christmas party for Young Carers

Twenty-four lottery winners, with a combined wealth of over 48 million, threw a Christmas party for Young Carers. The event was held at The Baronial Hall near Chelmsford, Essex on Thursday 13th December – usually a wedding venue it had been turned into a winter wonderland for the evening. There were around seventy-five young carers present aged between eight and sixteen, who are supported by the Action for Family Carers charity.

At the event there were makeover sessions available, a festive photo booth and reindeer rodeo and disco.  Lottery winners took on a variety of roles including face painters and chauffeur drivers. Winners include Sue Richards, who won £3 million on a National Lottery scratch card in 2016 and who has worked as an adult carer. Sue told ITV News ‘I’ve been a carer for many years so I can appreciate what they may go through on a daily basis, but I’m an adult. To think these children have such a huge responsibility at such a young age is really very humbling.’

Marley Chick, 14, was one of the guests at the party; he cares for his mother who has multiple health issues. He told ITV News ‘I’m trying to speak for young carers- we’re so grateful for it (this party) because we’re being given one night which is pretty much like a party where we can just go mad, crazy and enjoy ourselves.’

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