Fit in Getting Fit


Fit in Getting Fit: How to incorporate exercise into your daily routine when time is not on your side

 Fitting exercise into our daily lives can be overwhelming and often when we have a lot of other things going on well let it fall to the back burner. Here are some sure fire ways to increase your fitness levels without spending hours in the gym.

Walk More

 Walking is seriously underestimated, especially when it comes to the physical health and fitness benefits. Walking for 30-60 minutes daily can decrease your risk of many diseases and health complications but if you aren’t able to fit in a regular walk, try these simple hacks to increasing your daily step count.

The minimum recommended daily steps are 10,000



  1. Take the stairs instead of the lift – where possible, always walk. Allow yourself enough time to be able to take a few flights of stairs instead of taking the lift.
  2. If it’s within walking distance, ditch the car and stretch your legs. Popping to the shops, the school or getting to work on foot will all help to benefit your health and wellbeing.
  3. Walk faster. Walking faster than a comfortable pace will increase your heart rate, boost circulation and help to improve your mood.


Get active with the family


Choosing activities with your family that involved getting physically active is a great way to up your exercise without having to take away precious time. Kids love to be naturally active and will be sure to enjoy something fun and family orientated. Here at some ideas for family friendly activities that will have you all moving more:


  • Family walks – find a local nature reserve, forest or good hiking spot and get walking together. If you have small children you can make it fun by looking out for animals or seasonal items such as conkers, leaves, pine cones etc. If you have a dog then getting out for a daily walk is hugely beneficial, even if it’s only a short distance.
  • Activity days such as water sports, hiking, adventure golf, rock climbing.
  • Go swimming – it’s a great cardiovascular workout and if you have a child with additional needs you can ask at your local pool if they offer 1:1 support and disabled access into the pool if needed. Water can be both relaxing and stimulating for a child with disabilities and with support you can enjoy time as a family whilst being active.


 Home workouts


If you do want to take part in some higher intensity exercise or simply start building up your fitness but are unable to attend the gym or local groups, then home workouts are both effective and flexible. You can follow a workout DVD or tutorials and workouts via YouTube and other Social Media channels.


If you are unable to do too much physical activity for any reason, try something less strenuous such as Yoga, Pilates or gentle stretching. These are all great activities for improving aches joints and back pain.


Still feel unable to put time aside to exercise?


You don’t have to be able to put aside time to fit exercise into your daily routine. If you really struggle for time, there are some simple tricks to incorporate more movement into your busy day. Try gentle stretches or simple exercises such as squats or calf raises whilst watching the TV, cooking the dinner or doing the ironing. Sometimes we are too busy to allocate time to exercising but by adding in little bursts of exercise throughout the day you can help to improve your fitness levels, boost circulation and improve flexibility.



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