Buttle UK

Buttle UK was inspired by Reverend Frank Buttle who strived to raise £1million to ‘launch 1000 children a year out of poverty.’ When the reverend died in 1953 he had raised £80,000 and the trust was set up in his name to continue his good work.

Buttle UK can help with various things. One example is boarding school fees- if there is a good reason why a child cannot stay at home with their family. Read Jolene’s story to explain more…’Jolene’s mum was drug dependent and unable to take care of her. Her dad died many years ago. Her Social Worker thought it was likely Jolene would go into care. Jolene’s grandfather said he would like to look after her, but he was having treatment for cancer and was going back and forth to hospital. By helping to fund a place at a state boarding school, Jolene did not go into care, could stay with her grandfather whenever possible, and is flourishing in her new school.’

Other areas of focus include:

Domestic Violence: Buttle UK can provide emotional support to children affected by domestic violence, in the form of counselling and activities. Buttle UK can also provide practical support such as cookers and children’s beds.

Estranged Young People: Buttle UK support young people who are estranged from or forced to flee form their families. They help to enable education, employment or training for the young person in question as well as provide funding to establish a safe living environment.

Children’s Beds- Lack of a proper bed can affect both a child’s physical and mental health. It can have a negative impact on their attainment at school as well as causing social isolation with children feeling unable to invite friends round. Between 2006-2016 Buttle UK have supplied 13, 311 beds to children across the UK.

To find out more about Buttle UK and how they might be able to help you please visit https://www.buttleuk.org/need-support


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