Sibs is a UK charity which aims to support people who are growing up with or have grown up with a disabled brother or sister. They have support groups for young people and adults, acknowledging that siblings who have a disabled brother or sister have a continuing need for information as well as a desire to have positive relationships with their siblings moving into adult life.

Sibs represents the needs of over half a million young siblings and over one and half million adult siblings. Their service means that every sibling in the UK who is growing up or has grown up with a disabled brother or sister can access information and support.

Sibs was set up by Monica McCaffery, the current Chief Executive, in 2001. Monica was working for Contact a Family and running workshops for parents when she became aware of the huge demand for support for siblings. Monica realised that there was a need for an organisation specifically for the siblings of disabled people and, with a group of adult siblings, she set up Sibs, it received charitable status in 2002.

Sibs believes that siblings have a right to be seen as individuals with specific needs, to influence the services which affect them and to be valued for who they are and what they do. They also believe that they should be able to receive lifelong support.



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