Where do things start?


It’s as though they just happen, we never really know when the start. It happens in life and then as we reflect, look back and try to search for the beginning, we never actually know. And then some soul searching as to why? Why indeed.

You see it’s all a new beginning, but a beginning that has no birth. Life caring for someone else we do, without realising we’re a carer and do so because it’s our instinctive human nature. To care. Be human.

It kind of reminds me of the AirBnB launch campaign in 2015 about is #mankind?

Ok, their angle is different to FamilyCarersNet and all organisations that are supporting carers and of course carers themselves (and that’s another question: Once a Carer always a carers? or You stop being a carer when you’re caring and if you begin caring again, you become a carer again?) but it’s that focus on human kindness (BTW, AirBnB are asking people to be kind and let people pay to stay in their home instead of a Hotel or Guest House, i.e., you’re letting a stranger in to your home as an act of kindness) and it is an interesting thought actually as where is our boundary of human kindness.

Would you care for someone who wasn’t a family member? That you didn’t know beforehand? Would you help another person out by cooking meals for them to take to the person they’re caring for? Would you drive the carer and the cared for to a coffee shop? Would you be willing to be a friend with a carer, even if you didn’t know them before?

I wonder where our boundaries are now and where they’ll be in time to come.

How resourceful are we and will we become as public money reduces, the population increases, people are getting older and the health service is becoming more stretched? What is our resilience?

It’s a new beginning for us to create this social/digital community for carers and although having a lived experience of caring myself, I’m not actually sure when it all began (our birth), I reflect and track back, but cannot put an actual date on it. Our kindness is to work together and build a relationship to help our common goal and cause: carers.

What’s great, is that this kindness is extending further with other organisations who are willing to champion support for carers. People and organisations are charitable, if we can harness that kindness for new beginnings, our resourcefulness and resilience for #humankind will be stronger.

(After writing this blog, I considered what would be a good image to go with it.  Did the usual search!  And found ‘HumanKind’.  It’s created by Leo Burnett, an ad agency.  I’m linking to them, I say “Thank You’ in advance for its use and hope their #kindness allow us to use it).


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