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What a journey!  It’s been a long and eventful one to say the least, but perseverance, passion, drive and an unerring commitment to supporting other family carers like us, has seen us break through and overcome some sizeable challenges.  A bit like life as a family carer.

So, here we are.  FamilyCarersNet is different in how we approach the need for and deliver support to family carers, which we should state includes young carers, parent carers and adult carers as well as the family, friends, health, professional and social networks/community of the carers.

The support provided includes Live Chat with a GP, Counsellor, Family Carer Advisor, Health Professional and peer-to-peer with other family carers.  All of this is in The Pod.  There are also a range of short breaks, trips out, activities and offers we’re providing exclusively for family carers which you can access in ‘Activities & Offers’.

And one other thing… we are championing to get more support for family carers.   This is through #YourStory.  Like Simone’s on the right.  A single Parent Carer with 3 boys, 1 Autistic and another had cancer.  This is her story, tell us yours.

In The Pod

Hi all, Just thought I would let you all know if you have a child with Autism that the Truckfest in Peterborough show ground is on this Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday! I'm only saying as my son Kayllum loves this show and really enjoys the Monster Trucks!! If you do decide to go I recommend buying tickets online first to avoid queues once there and also to get there earlier rather than later on the day to avoid traffic! (I'm up early most days so not sure if you are the same) If you do go I may see you there 🙂

Who fancies a FREE day out at Thorpe Woodlands Activity Centre? https://familycarersnet.co.uk/product/parent-carer-family-fun-day/ Thanks to Suffolk Parent Carer Network.

Happy St George's Day FamilyCarersNet!! 🙂

You are living proof Miracles exist

this emoji is for you Simone Wilby

Trying to upload a photo but computer says no!! Went into Tesco Bury St Edmunds this week and very happy to see the sign on the Disabled toilet saying 'Not every Disability is visible' great idea!!!

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Campaigns & Initiatives

We’re working to recognise and understand the experiences of carers affected by violent, abusive and harmful behaviour.  In partnership with the University of Birmingham.

Understand more

2.3 million carers have left employment for caring duties.  Unfortunately employers are so often unaware of the reasons, yet would happily help carers if they knew.

You can get involved

Activities & Offers

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